Designed to Deliver: Know Your Ultradent Tips

The chemistries you use are different. Some are chemically activated and must be mixed immediately prior to placement. Others have varying viscosities. Some work in pits and fissures, some inside canals, and some on smooth surfaces. Each chemistry you use is designed for a specific purpose. Shouldn’t the same be true for your applicator tips?

Whether you are dispensing a flowable composite, a viscous gel, or thick impression material, Ultradent has a tip specifically designed for that job. And since these tips are engineered in-house, each design is tested to ensure that each tip works perfectly with the chemistry it is intended for.

Beyond their unique designs, the Ultradent tips also feature exclusive technologies, such as internal chamber reduction to minimize the amount of material used, and in some models the LOK-TITE double thread system, which locks the tip in place to maximize safety and has wings for easy attachment and removal.

Here are some of the exclusive tip models with their features and benefits:

Endodontic Tips:

Also available in Sideport and FX (flocked) versions.

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